This web site offers an online version of the exhibition, “Mohawk Ideals, Victorian Values: Oronhyatekha, M.D.” which was featured at the Woodland Cultural Centre in Brantford, Ontario (27 July to 17 December, 2001) and at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Ontario (2 March to 4 August, 2002). The exhibition and web site are devoted primarily to the life story of Oronhyatekha (Peter Martin), but also offer educational information about the evolving political and cultural life of the Iroquois nations and an emerging Canada during the nineteenth century.
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Historical Collection

Slide show on the life of Oronhyatekha:

Educational resources

Oronhyatekha’s Historical Collection:


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  • Lesson plans for grades 7 & 8
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  • Oronhyatekha’s family tree
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