web sites
Oronhyatekha as a young man in Oxford, England www.virtualmuseum.ca
Living Traditions: Museums Honour the North American Indigenous Games
The Woodland Games section offers a biography of Oronhyatekha and highlights his accomplishments as a marksman
Research on Oronhyatekha, Woodland Cultural Centre, Brantford, Ontario

Press Release for the exhibition in its venue at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ontario

Short biography, from the history of Tyendinaga

Short biography and commemoration of Oronhyatekha, University of Toronto
Another biography from the University of Toronto Magazine

Short biography of Oronhyatekha and his relationship to the Independent Order of Foresters
Links to web sites with information about the Iroquois
Educational resources on the history of the Iroquois and other First Nations People
Educational resources on Iroquoian Goverment and Language
Web exhibitions on Iroquois Life and Culture
Resources in New York State
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